Marcus Semien is the player of the month in the American

The Toronto Blue Jays defeated the Miami Marlins by a score of 5 to 1 yesterday and Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s performance is in the media today.

The youngster scored four hits for the first time in a game since starting his MLB career and grabbed the top spot (tied with Ronald Acuna Jr.) in the home runners in 2021 (17) .

But today, we are highlighting the excellent work done by one of his teammates, Marcus Semien. The veteran, who is in his first season with the Jays, is awarded the « title » of player of the month in the American, and it is well deserved.

On the National side, Fernando Tatis Jr. is the lucky winner.

We can see it in the tweet above, but Semien has a hitting line of .368 / .429 / .702 in addition to having completed eight home runs and 22 RBIs in May. He has also been a big factor in the recent success of his team.

For many years, the veteran played first hitter with the A’s and this is currently the case due to the injury of George Springer. This cernier is slowly recovering from an injury and could return to his position in the lineup shortly.

The question to ask is: Should we put Springer in the line-up as the first hitter and have everyone back down afterwards? Or are we leaving things as they are now because of Semien’s recent batting success?

The answer to this question was obvious a month ago when virtually every Jays player was struggling offensively. But here, the situation has changed and a solution will have to be found so that the team can continue to win victories on a regular basis.

10th Round
  • The pitchers of the month in both leagues:
  • Liam Hendriks has had some good times since last year.

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