Marcus Rashford leaving? He answers !

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Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford remains very attached to his club forever. And let it be known via social networks.

Speaking on his Instagram account, Marcus Rashford spoke of the criticism of his lack of commitment to Manchester United: “Earlier I read something saying that I had been too quiet on Twitter. But what can I answer if not on the ground? We are all disappointed with the recent performances and we are just as disappointed by the media coverage which calls into question our involvement not only with the manager and his staff but also the club ” explains the Red Devils player.

Marcus Rashford promises to do everything to turn the situation around as Manchester United have struggled in recent weeks in the Premier League: “I have infinite respect for both and look forward to improving my football with the staff at Manchester United. I’m not sulking, I’m not unhappy. Am I disappointed with my recent performance? Of course and I am my own worst critic. The first part of the season was difficult but I am determined to prove my worth. My dedication and desire to be here should not be in doubt. I like this club. «  he added.

To love is also to share:

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