Marco Rose (Leipzig) is ironic about the absences of Real Madrid

Marco Rose (Leipzig coach): “I think there are others who are also incredibly high quality who can play. Asensio, you might have heard of him if you are interested in football. A few guys who basically always need playing time, want to show off. I think we are meeting probably the best team in the world.

I’m used to listening to that at press conferences. Yes, Real lack one or the other, which is also important for them, but again, they are a great team. Nothing but Toni Kroos, who prevents the relaunch, puts pressure on the teams […]. It will be difficult. And in front, I think Rodrygo is still there, Vinicius. So it’s Real Madrid, right? Reigning Champions League winner. Goalkeeper World Champion. So even in goal they have someone who can catch balls. It’s a good team coming here I think. »

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