Marcell Ozuna to participate in diversion program

Marcell Ozuna has not played in the MLB since he was injured in a game against the Boston Red Sox on May 25. He has been on the injured list since that time. Four days later, the 30-year-old was arrested after officers in Sandy Springs, suburban Atlanta, said they saw him attack his wife.

But now, after more than three months since his arrest, the Atlanta Braves outfielder has agreed to participate in a diversion program, which could lead to a stay of proceedings in his domestic violence case.

In addition to domestic violence charges, he also faces those of common assault. Fulton County Assistant District Attorney Simone Hylton said Thursday those charges would be dropped if Ozuna met his terms within the next six months.

The deadline could even be reduced to three months if all goes well. A next appearance is also scheduled for January 13.

During this period, Ozuna will be placed under surveillance, will be required to complete a 24-week domestic violence intervention program, and will also be required to complete 200 hours of community service, refrain from using illicit drugs and avoid contact with her. wife.

On the baseball side, Ozuna could still face a long suspension. The MLB is currently studying his case.

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