Marc-André Fleury wants to remain Chevalier d’Or

Marc-André Fleury wants to end his career as a member of the Vegas Golden Knights.

We don’t know when that might be, but Fleury said in an end-of-season media interview on Saturday that he wanted to continue playing in Vegas alongside Robin Lehner …

“We just finished a few days ago and it’s still in my head,” said Fleury. “It’s frustrating to see Montreal move forward and to think if we can be there. I haven’t thought much about the future, but it’s always been in my heart to stay and end up here.

« [Me and Robin Lehner’s] relationship grew over the season. We got along very well. As a goalkeeper, you strive to win games, but also not to give up too much. I think we’ve both accomplished this this year.

A year ago, the Golden Knights experienced the league’s biggest goaltending controversy. The team acquired Lehner before the 2020 trade deadline and Fleury’s agent Allan Walsh then tweeted a photo of a sword crossing his client’s back.

We’re there now and Fleury and Lehner seem to be working incredibly well together. The two won the 2021 Jennings Trophy for the fewest goals conceded by a pair of goalkeepers and Fleury is nominated for the Vézina Trophy.

There has been a lot of talk about Fleury’s future in Vegas since the Golden Knights were knocked out by the Montreal Canadiens in the semifinals. Fleury still has one year on his contract with a cap of $ 7,000,000 and a no-trade list of 10 teams. The Golden Knights are pressed against the salary cap and the transfer of Fleury’s contract would help them add a much-coveted top center during the offseason.

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