Many exclusions, few yellows… Where does Ligue 1 stand compared to the other championships?

The images continue to make people talk, while French refereeing has been debated since the start of the season. Sunday, from the ninth second (!) of the Ligue 1 match between Nice and Angers (0-1) at the Allianz Riviera, Jean-Clair Todibo was sent back to the locker room for having destroyed a clear goal opportunity on Abdallah Sima. Except that several of his teammates were near the Senegalese striker and could have intervened. So this red card raises questions and makes people react.

 » An arbitrary choice that shocks me and condemns my team to start the match with a big disadvantagewrote the Gym defender on social networks, in a tweet that has since been deleted. The decisions of the referees at the start of the season are very questionable, even scandalous, and I hope that the LFP will do something to remedy it. »

Many red cards

Many regret the severity of the officials, considered disproportionate. In eight days, thirty-four red cards were distributed (more than four per weekend). In fact, what does this figure mean compared to other European championships?

It is in Ligue 1 that the most players have been expelled: 34. There are 21 in La Liga, 15 in Serie A, 12 in the Bundesliga and only 4 in the Premier League. If we take into account the number of matches played, the difference is less obvious. Even if France remains the bad student.

In the French first division, a red card is distributed every 2.4 matches, against one every 2.9 in Spain, one every 4.7 in Italy, one every 5.3 in Germany and one every 16, 8 in England. Among the second European divisions, the French championship is also the most severe (one red every 4.04 matches, one every 5.2 in Italy, one every 5.4 in Spain, one every 8.9 in England and one every 14.7 in Germany). But what about yellow cards?

Few warnings

In Ligue 1, 3.7 players are cautioned per game, the lowest ratio of the five major championships, behind La Liga (5.1), Serie A (4.5), the Bundesliga and the Premier League (3.8 each).

So, if we had to make a quantified assessment before the international break, it is in Ligue 1 that the fewest yellow cards are distributed but – whether in the first or in the second division – it is in France that the more players are excluded.

Consequence of new instructions?  » We have put the emphasis back on the protection of the players and their physical integrity, because we cannot be satisfied that a match ends with two or more injuries on each side. “, specified to AFP at the end of August Stéphane Lannoy, deputy technical director of the DTA.

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