MANSORY has transformed the Lamborghini URUS into a two-door SUV with a transformation

Mansory is known to love perfecting the latest and greatest luxury vehicles. Enterprise upgrades often revolve around wild body kits and crazy performances. Their latest creation surpasses that, as they are four-door Lamborghini Urus changed into two door coupe.

Mansory so he decided that they Uruse changed to two doors SUV. It took supplement experts a year and a half to bring this idea to life. A final product that lives up to its name Venatus Coupe Evo C, has undergone profound changes. It’s Mansori Amount B Urusa retreated for 20 centimeters. The front doors retain the same length, retain standard safety equipment and feature a Y-fold on the exterior. They also expanded rear fenders and added massive side air intakes and a new intake panel on the C-pillar. There is, of course, a wild body kit that SUV gives an aggressive front design, large fenders, very striking diffuser and other details.

Like the front, the rear of this facelifted Urus shows an aggressive shape with a powerful rear spoiler and a striking diffuser.

Mansory is his own creation Venatus Coupe Evo C developed on the basis Venatusa Eva S. No additional changes were made to the powertrain. Their two-door SUV has the same power 900KM in 1.100Nm of torque. Tuner claims SUV hits speed km 100 / h v 2.9 seconds. The maximum speed is km 323 / h. Mansory offers a wide range of options to customize the interior of it Lamborghini. Their example has a cabin in blue-green color, with white stitching and black trim. They also added a folding mechanism on the front seats to allow passengers to reach the rear seats.

The interior is, of course, a matter of taste, Mansory opted for blue-green here.

Changing Uruse in a two-door SUV defeats the purpose of the vehicle, but ga Mansory I wouldn’t if there was no demand. This is also not a unique example, as the tuner plans to produce it eight vehicles. Processing company Uruse it didn’t list any prices, but we doubt it could be a cheap deal here.

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