MANDELIEU LA NAPOULE: Trend in sport-nature and sport-health

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This destination has found its notoriety thanks to the winter mildness that reigns there and the creation by the princely families, the aristocracy and the international bourgeoisie, of elegant sports activities.

Today, the trend is sport-nature and sport-health. Hence the ambition to make it a model of its kind for the benefit of our citizens and in terms of tourism development.

 » The practice of outdoor sports finds a particularly suitable playground in Mandelieu. Indeed, cycling and mountain biking, running, swimming, water sports, air sports, all these disciplines are practicable within a radius of less than 2km2. In addition to its universality and its ability to rejuvenate the image of a destination, it is also a public health issue that improves the quality of life for everyone. This sport-health value is systematically taken into account in the development of municipal projects. » Sébastien LEROY, Mayor of Mandelieu-La Napoule.


After digital AirFit and its virtual coaching installed on the Banks of Siagne, the application «  Mandelieu Sport by Nature»Invites you to discover the city at your own pace, by running, walking, or even by bike …

We choose a route, depending on its level, its distance, the duration or the difference in altitude and we set off to explore Mandelieu-La Napoule by taking one of the audio-guided routes. During the trip, an audio or textual commentary will enhance the sporting walk with heritage information on the points of cultural interest encountered. New routes will be added as we go.

Free to download from Google play and Apple Store

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