Manchester United were the best club during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II

The Times newspaper has ranked Premier League teams by their number of wins during Elizabeth II’s reign, which lasted 70 years and ended on Thursday when she died. Manchester United takes the prize, with 1445 successes during the period.

It’s a funny classification that appeared in the columns of the Times. Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday evening, the daily had fun electing the best Premier League club during her reign, which lasted from 1952 to 2022, depending on the number of victories. Manchester United throne with no less than 1445 games won in the top flight.

The Times also notes that 142,908 matches were played during the reign of Elizabeth II in the first division, against 61,322 for all other reigns combined. Under the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901), Aston Villa dominates this ranking (198 victories), Newcastle (171) is at the top of that of Edward VII (1901-1910), Sunderland (368) under George V ( 1910-1936), Brentford (18) under Edward VIII (1936) and Wolverhampton (163) under George VI (1936-1952).

Matches postponed in the Premier League this weekend

As a reminder, the 7th day of the Premier League scheduled for this weekend has been postponed to a later date, « as a sign of respect ». No decision has yet been taken for the 8th day of the championship, also placed during the period of national mourning, nor for the European matches concerning the English teams.

Tributes were paid to the queen a few minutes after her death in the Europa League and Europa League Conference with minutes of silence respected and black armbands worn by the players. Many of them, like Cristiano Ronaldo, mourned his passing on their social networks.

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