Manchester United: Varane talks about Casemiro

Media365 editorial staff, published on Tuesday, August 23, 2022 at 10:50 p.m.

Raphael Varane has reunited with his former Real Madrid partner Casemiro at Manchester United.

Raphaël Varane welcomed his former Real Madrid team-mate Casemiro to Manchester United with great joy. The Brazilian arrived at Old Trafford around three hours before the start of the clash against Liverpool (2-1) but he did not meet his new team-mates before or after this game and Varane has dispelled speculation that he persuaded his ex-partner to reunite with him in the North West of England.

“Casemiro needed a new challenge”

« Yes, I’m very excited, » Varane said of his reunion with Casemiro. « I know his qualities perfectly. He can bring that balance to the team and his mentality. He’s a warrior, so I think he’s going to really enjoy English football. I know him. And he doesn’t need for my help in making his choice. I know exactly how he feels and why he is coming here after what he went through in Madrid ».

The French international believes that the Auriverde international simply “needs a new challenge. « I know exactly how he feels and I know exactly why he chose this club, he bid. It’s a similar process to the one I had so obviously I wish him the best and I speak a lot with him, but he didn’t need me to make his choice. »

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