Manchester United: the locker room is « a disaster »

Manchester United can’t do it. The Reds conceded this Saturday yet another defeat against Arsenal with the score of 1-3. So does the problem come from the locker room? Paul Scholes, did not mince his words and revealed some information after a conversation with Jesse Lingard.

“I had a little chat with Jesse a few days ago. I’m sure he won’t mind if I say the locker room is a disaster,” Scholes told DAZN. “Of course, in games like today, or against Liverpool, it’s a big disappointment, it’s normal. I wish the problem was something else, but that’s normal. I think all the players get along well, I don’t see any relationship problems”.

However, Paul Scholes thinks that the elimination of Manchester United in the Champions League has « destroyed » the group, clearly demotivated.

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