Manchester United have a golden argument to convince Edinson Cavani to stay

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A year and then goes away? In recent weeks, several Latin American media have explained that Edinson Cavani wants to join Boca Juniors at the end of the season. The Uruguayan striker has always been a big fan of the Argentine team, ready to make efforts to afford the former Parisian. What about Manchester United then, what do they think?

And obviously, the Red Devils are quite happy with what the Matador is doing this season on the side of Old Trafford. With 14 goals in 34 matches in all competitions, often off the bench, the scorer Charrua has in any case convinced his coach. And the Mancunian leaders will offer him an additional contract season according to the Sun. All with a nice gift to convince him.

The Mancunian leaders are thus ready to increase the player’s salary – currently € 230,000 weekly – up to € 287,000 weekly. An increase of 2.9 million euros per year in total! A nice gift for the 34-year-old striker, who could therefore think twice before forcing a return to South America …

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