Manchester United bring down Arsenal

Arsenal victim of Mancunian realism

After 5 victories in 5 days, the Gunners dominators, lowered their flag in front of Red Devils very realistic on the counter and which garnered a fourth win in a row. The positions are therefore tightening in the lead because if the Londoners keep first place with 15 points, they are only one step ahead of Manchester City and Tottenham, who meet next Saturday, two on Brighton and three on their opponents of the day. Chelsea, 6e to 5 points, and Liverpool, 7e at 6 units, are also not dropped.

This setback should not, however, put Martel in the lead at Arsenal, nor make Manchester United euphoric, as the result is flattering for the latter. By rounding their backs, the Mancunians took full advantage of the lack of realism and the fragility of the opposing rear guard against the opposing fast balls.

Arsenal will also have something to legitimately curse against a VAR that will have caused a lot of ink to flow this weekend. With the opening goal canceled by Gabriel Martinelli in the first period, for a very slight fault in the construction, and a penalty refused to Bukayo Saka on a very limited intervention by Tyrel Malacia in the second, the arbitration was not favorable to him. .

But the Red Devils scored three beautifully crafted goals with vertical play that pierced through the Arsenal defence.

First there was this combination initiated by Christian Eriksen, continued by Jadon Sancho then Marcus Rashford, whose pass between the legs of Oleksandr Zinchenko allowed Antony, bought 100 million euros from Ajax, to sign his arrival with a first achievement (1-0, 35e ).

Then there was this opening from the outside of the foot of Fernandes which launched Rashford in the back of William Saliba, before the English center forward won his face-to-face with Aaron Ramsdale (2-1, 66e ).

The third goal started with an excellent call from Eriksen in depth, the Dane serving Rashford who only had to push her deep for her double (3-1, 75e ).

An epilogue that was all the more disappointing for Mikel Arteta’s men as they had until then had almost total control over the game and had managed to return to equality with a goal from Bukayo Saka (1-1, 60e ) before seeing the match completely escape them.

After refueling on an affordable schedule, this first big failed test allows them to measure how much work remains to be done to be a true contender for the title.

Brighton further weakens Brendan Rodgers

Brighton have confirmed their excellent start to the season and pushed the red lantern a little further, Leicester, whose coach, Brendan Rodgers, seems increasingly threatened.

After this 5e defeat in 6 matches, for a draw, nothing is going well for the foxes inactive in terms of arrivals during the summer transfer window but who sold Wesley Fofana for 80 million euros to Chelsea to consolidate their financial situation.

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