Malkin’s season debut on Tuesday marks a milestone for Pens franchise cornerstones

Evgeni Malkin returned to the Pittsburgh Penguins roster on Tuesday night and his impact was immediate.

Malkin not only scored two goals and had an assist while being named the first star in the Penguins’ 4-1 win over the Anaheim Ducks; his mere presence in the Pittsburgh squad took the trio of Sidney Crosby, Kris Letang and himself to a historic milestone.

Last night, Malkin, Crosby and Letang were the first three teammates in NHL history to play together on the same team for 16 seasons.

On Wednesday’s episode of The Daily Faceoff Show, co-hosts Frank Seravalli and Tyler Yaremchuk spoke about this milestone, as well as how long we can perhaps expect it to last. continues.

Malkin and Letang are both uncompensated free agents after the season.

Although with the Penguins, having won 11 of their last 12 games dating back to early December and now seemingly entrenched in a playoff berth with a 21-9-5 record, Pittsburgh’s continued success seems like a lot. more likely the trio will somehow stick together.

Seravalli: “I think Evgeni Malkin will be back, as long as he wants to. I’m not so sure about Kris Letang. Actually, I give him a little better than a 50/50 hit that the trio stick together there. ‘next year.

“I think it’s gonna work out with Kris Letang at this point, in terms of what the Pittsburgh Penguins might be ready to offer in a number of years and what can you get him to stay for. It’s going to be critical conversations.

« This chemistry, you can’t buy this chemistry. »

Yaremchouk: “If either of them leaves, I think it’s almost a really hard pill to swallow, being the one to sort of break this modern dynasty. I also think their success on the ice this season and how far they go can also determine that.

« If you go to the second or, who knows, the third round with this group, do you really want to step away from maybe another $ 1 million on a deal or something like that? »

“I think a lot of results on the ice will have an impact there. « 

You can watch the full episode here…

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