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Malian football fans ask themselves the question all day long if it is still possible for the national football team to bring back the continental trophy. The discussion happens most often in grins around glasses of tea. Our reporting team toured some grins in Bamako where the discussions are sometimes heated and often turn sour.

After the football team’s defeat in the two qualifying matches for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the Eagles’ supporters are wondering « whose fault is it? » In the grin of Adama Diaby in Djélibougou in commune I of the district of Bamako, there are two tendencies like almost everywhere in the country. A first which accuses the State and its dismemberments and a second which goes straight to the point by blaming the Malian Football Federation (FEMAFOOT) and more precisely its president Mamoutou Touré Bavieux. The Malian sports public is still reeling from the elimination of the national team at the African Cup of Nations (CAN) Cameroon 2020 and that of the 2022 World Cup which will take place in Qatar in June. FEMAFOOT has just recruited Eric Sékou Chelle as the new coach of the eagles of Mali, he will succeed Mr. Mohamed Magassouba in this position. The appointment of the former Malian international was recorded in the afternoon of Friday May 7, 2022, during the extraordinary meeting of the executive committee of the federation, but it was only on Saturday that it was formalized by the body. national football manager. In this always incompetent and corrupt federation, everything happens unanimously. Eric Sékou Chelle was chosen after a so-called process started on April 11th. In total, 57 application files were submitted to Fémafoot, which then drew up a shortlist of three technicians, namely Eric Sékou Chelle, the German Winfried Schäfer and the Portuguese Ricardo Formosinho. According to a source close to Fémafoot, Eric Sékou Chelle was chosen by affinity and also, quite simply because he is Malian, he is a 44-year-old young man that we have seen evolve here in Mali in the axis of the eagles November 16, 2006 against the Red Devils of Congo, he cannot have experience than the 72-year-old German technician who knows African football very well with a lot of experience. It is time in Mali for these practices of nepotism and favoritism to fade, indignantly an observer.

Moreover, the president of FEMAFOOT Mamoutou Touré Bavieux plays with the soul of the Malian sports public, after each defeat of the Mali national team, there are deaths. When will Bavieux take the sporting public seriously? After the defeat of Mali at the CAN in Cameroon, Fémafoot should dismiss the national coach. Some countries have done it Burkina Faso put an end to the function of Kamou Malo despite who was able to bring the team to the semi-finals just like Tunisia. Mamoutou Touré did not quickly get rid of Mohamed Magassouba. This was done under pressure.

Alou Badra DOUMBIA

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