Make way for 17-game seasons in the NFL

The owners of all 32 NFL teams have approved the addition of a game to their regular season.

The Goodell circuit formalized everything on Tuesday on its Twitter account.

Concretely, this means that the regular schedule will be reduced from 17 to 18 weeks. Clubs will still have only one week off and the Super Bowl game will now be held in the second week of February. In addition, the preparatory calendar will now consist of three parts instead of four.

This is the first time that the NFL has added a part to its campaign since 1978. Let us recall that this important modification had received the approval of the Association of the players during the negotiations concerning the new collective agreement last March 2020.

« This is a pivotal moment in the history of the NFL, » said Commissioner Roger Goodell in a statement. The collective agreement and our agreements with our media partners allow us to improve the quality of the NFL experience for our fans. ”

In addition, the added clashes will feature teams having finished in the same place in the standings of their respective sections; half of these duels (in the East and the South) will therefore pit one club against its geographical equivalent of the other association. In the next season, the American Association teams will host these games. This means the New England Patriots will host the Dallas Cowboys for their 17th duel in 2021, as the two clubs concluded the 2020 campaign in third place in their respective sections.

For their part, the clubs of the North sections will face their equivalent in the West of the other association.

The addition of a week will also allow the league to obtain additional income and thus offset the economic losses incurred in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This season, the NFL has been forced to raise its salary cap from $ 198.2 million to $ 182.5 million.

Last year, the Goodell circuit had already made a big change by adding a team in the playoffs, bringing the total of participating clubs to 14.

Duels added to the 2021 regular season schedule


Washington Football Team (NFC) c. Buffalo Bills (AFC)

New York Giants (NFC) v. Miami Dolphins (AFC)

Dallas Cowboys (NFC) v. New England Patriots (AFC)

Philadelphia Eagles (NFC) v. New York Jets (AFC)

West (NFC) – North (AFC)

Seattle Seahawks (NFC) v. Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC)

Los Angeles Rams (NFC) v. Baltimore Ravens (AFC)

Arizona Cardinals (NFC) v. Cleveland Browns (AFC)

San Francisco 49ers (NFC) v. Cincinnati Bengals (AFC)


Saints of New Orleans (NFC) v. Tennessee Titans (AFC)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFC) v. Indianapolis Colts (AFC)

Carolina Panthers (NFC) v. Houston Texans (AFC)

Atlanta Falcons (NFC) v. Jacksonville Jaguars (AFC)

North (NFC) – West (AFC)

Green Bay Packers (NFC) v. Kansas City Chiefs (AFC)

Chicago Bears (NFC) v. Las Vegas Raiders (AFC)

Minnesota Vikings (NFC) v. Los Angeles Chargers (AFC)

Detroit Lions (NFC) v. Denver Broncos (AFC)

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