Major acquisition for the Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays acquired third baseman Matt Chapman from the Oakland Athletics on Wednesday, which should further solidify their status as American League East Division title contenders.

According to Sportsnet, the Ontario club have sold Kevin Smith, Gunnar Hoglund, Zach Logue and Kirby Snead; the former had 32 batting appearances with the Jays last year, while Snead appeared in seven games as a reliever. As the MLB Network reported, the Jays will therefore not pass on to the Athletics players likely to be part of their starting lineup on Day 1 of the regular season.

Chapman had a low .210 batting average last season, but he had 27 home runs and 72 RBIs. Two years earlier, he had distinguished himself with 36 long balls. The holder of three career Golden Gloves has hit 111 four-goal hits since making his major league debut in 2017.

In Oakland, the liquidation sale is in full swing, as earlier this week the California organization traded first baseman Matt Olson to the Atlanta Braves for four prospects.

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