Maître Kal opens a gym with a Spartan concept

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Muscle memory, what is it?

Muscle memory, what is it?

The more we train, the better we are. Whether it’s swimming, running or bodybuilding. Our performance improves, our muscles develop. But what happens if we stop for a long time? Do we have to start all over again from the beginning? This is a question posed in particular by athletes on imposed rest during the successive confinements of the pandemic.


Aged 36, Master Kal exudes confidence, without lapsing into arrogance. When asked, in the preamble, to introduce himself in a few sentences, he replied: “If you type my name in the search bar, you should know quickly. “He has actually made himself known thanks to his videos on YouTube and his posts on Instagram (more than 52,000 subscribers), in which he delivers many tips for transforming himself physically.

The origin of his nickname gives a first idea of ​​his training method. “When I was coaching in Paris, a student said to me:  »coach, you really are the master of suffering ». My nickname comes from there. But that’s not arrogant. I am the master of no one except myself and my destiny. »

Master Kal is what you might call an apostle of Spartan-style gymnasium. From its beginnings on YouTube to today, including the opening of a first room in La Teste-de-Buch (Gironde) in 2017, its concept has never been denied: « Only hard work pays off, the results are obtained by suffering, by the sweat of one’s brow. A philosophy he applied to himself. “I always wanted to become the best version of myself: I went from shrimp to Norwegian lobster,” smiles Khaled.

“I am the master of no one except myself and my destiny”

The coach draws his imagination from the famous film « 300 », in which 300 Spartan soldiers, led by King Leonidas, oppose the immense Persian army in 480 BC. A Spartan helmet, placed on a shelf in the above his desk, refers to it, as does his motto « 300% », which he regularly sings and for which he receives royalties. Master Kal even hopes that his clients will form with him « a family of Spartans », who will go out and barbecue together.

Full scan

This coaching enthusiast – who only knows how to « do just that » – promises an « American-style » room, the nerve center of which will first be his office. “To begin, we will discuss. The people who will come, we will offer them a complete scan, to assess their strengths and weaknesses, from which an adapted program will result. I’ve seen so many bodies that nothing surprises me anymore. Everything will be personalized, ”he assures.

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