Magic: « LeBron, Chris Paul, and Anthony Davis to win the title »

The Finals are barely over, the Bucks barely champions, that some are already looking to the future. This is the case of Magic Johnson, who spoke about the Chris Paul case. For him things are very simple: if CP3 wants a title, he must join the Lakers!

Chris Paul was almost there … When the Suns took the 2-0 advantage in these Finals, almost everyone thought that the legendary leader would win his first ring of champion. Unfortunately for him Giannis Antetokounmpo decided otherwise with some legendary performances, the last of which on Tuesday. Will this failure demotivate CP3? Certainly not !

I keep the same mentality: back to work … I’m not retiring if that’s what you ask.

Chris Paul intends to continue his career, the question now is to know where? He has a 44 million player option, but does he think he can win with the Suns next season? Nothing is less sure. For Magic Johnson in any case there is only one solution: fly to Los Angeles and find Lebron james at the Lakers!

A Big 3 with LeBron James, Chris Paul, and Anthony Davis would mean NBA title!

If Chris Paul doesn’t activate his option with the Suns, his first call should be from his best friend LeBron James and the Lakers.

For Magic therefore, if Chris Paul wants to retire with a ring under his belt, the best solution is still to join the Lakers! Will he agree to sit on $ 44 million for it or will he rather hit the jackpot while continuing to write a great story with his young teammates in Phoenix? Point God is likely to spend short nights in the coming weeks!

Chris Paul at the Lakers, that’s obviously a possibility considering his relationship with LeBron. But Devin Booker should have the arguments to convince your leader to stay!

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