Magic Johnson no longer wants Dennis Schroder at the Lakers | NBA

Even though he is no longer president of the Lakers, Magic Johnson still has influence over the franchise, and when he gives his opinion on the workforce, inevitably, it reaches the ears of owners and managers. In this case, after the elimination of his proteges against the Suns, he pointed out the failings of the « supporting cast ».

Even though Anthony Davis was injured, Magic believes the Lakers had the manpower to get past the obstacle. Provided that the “Lieutenants” evolve at their best level. It was not the case. Like, for example, Dennis Schroder.

« Schroder, I don’t think he’s a Laker » reacted Magic Johnson on the antenna of AM570 LA Sports. “It’s just my opinion. I don’t know if they will extend it or not. I don’t think he brings a winner mentality and the attitude you need. He had the opportunity to show himself in this series, and for me, he failed. « 

Arrived last fall, Schroder had refused to extend, believing he could touch more in 2021. In the end, the German has not taken a step forward and his future in Los Angeles remains uncertain, even if he wishes to stay to the Lakers.

Precisely, if the staff decides to keep him, what will Magic do? « If he comes back, I will support him. » I’m going to cheer him on and all that, but I just don’t think he’s a Laker. « 

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