Madison Bumgarner warmly applauded by Giants fans

For two seasons, Madison Bumgarner has lined up for the Arizona Diamondbacks, direct rivals of the San Francisco Giants. But unbelievable as it sounds, two years later he still hadn’t made an appearance in front of supporters at Oracle Park, despite playing for division rivals. There were no fans in 2020 and he was injured last June when the DBacks visited.

You will notice that I said « show up » and not « play » since this week, Madison Bumgarner will not face the Giants in San Francisco. He threw three days ago against the Padres.

But that didn’t stop Giants fans from commemorating MadBum’s career properly anyway.

The pitcher, who was an important craftsman of the Giants Dynasty (2010, 2012, and 2014), received warm applause from California fans during yesterday’s game.

Is the main interested party disappointed not to pitch in front of his former supporters? The answer is no.

In a pre-game interview, MadBum said it would have been stressful and just soaking up the atmosphere was enough for him.

Bumgarner plays for one of the worst clubs on the Manfred circuit. I don’t know if watching his people take on the Giants, who are at the top of the MLB, made him nostalgic for the good years.

Because yes, things are going well in San Francisco. Just yesterday, the Giants won a game against a division rival. Kris Bryant had a good game.

The Giants therefore extend their lead at the top of the MLB by being the only team with at least 70 wins – they have 72. San Francisco is four games ahead of Los Angeles and no less than seven over the San Diego Padres.

Who will stop them?

10th Round
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