Madden NFL 23’s Franchise mode will feature many improvements.

El modo franquicia en Madden NFL 23 tendrá muchas mejoras

We’re approaching that time of year when the new annual editions of sports franchises appear and Madden NFL 23 will be one of the first to arrive next month, more precisely on August 19th. EA Sports has already revealed various details about certain game modes to prepare fans of the franchise for what they can expect from this new edition of the game.

The latest video published by the official YouTube channel of the game details the franchise mode, which has been criticized enough in the last editions of the game, and perhaps that is why they have decided this time to give more importance to the improvements it will bring.

Madden NFL 23 bets on renewal

Basically, the title will now give players much more flexibility and freedom when it comes to building and improving their teams. According to the video, players will now have different motivations, which will influence their decision whether or not to sign with a team. These variables can be the location of the team, the rest of the roster, or even the team’s chances of making it to the Super Bowl.

Other known novelties of this new version are improvements in contract negotiation, a completely renewed user interface and even different settings in terms of scouting.

If you’ve never enjoyed a Madden and maybe you’re tempted by this new version, I invite you to read our review of Madden 22, which may make you want to try it.

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