Madagascar: invasion of locusts in seven regions

The fight against locusts is intensifying. Madagascar has a sufficient stock of pesticides. Seven regions likely to be affected by locusts have already been treated. These are mainly the South and East of the country.

Swarms of locusts sweep over the rice fields of Boeny and Menabe. To fight against the locust invasion, the Ministry of Agriculture has deployed its agents and pesticides in the seven affected regions. Their roadmap is to limit the progression of insects and save crops that are still intact.

A few locusts were detected in Antananarivo. The threat is taken seriously, but it seems contained.

The executive revealed on Monday that 57,020 ha of the Menabe region have been devastated. To Sofia and Boeny, 1,747 ha victims of locusts were able to be treated and made it possible to limit damage. The cloud of gluttons moved towards Port-Bergé where the situation is, according to the authorities, under control, specifies Midi-Madagascar.

In September 2021, already, the Big Island had to fight against these invaders. As a result, the ministry had enough pesticides to stem another outbreak of insects.

In May, these swarms circulate in the regions ofAtsimo Andrefana, Ihorombe, Androy, Anosy, Boeny, Haute Matsiatra and Menabe. A specialist from the ministry in charge of the fight against these pests explains: « The development of these migratory locusts has been favored in particular by the recent passage of cyclones in these infested regions. We have already launched the locust control campaign since last September. So far, a total area of ​​134,615 hectares has been treated. and protected following the intervention of the team from the locust eradication center or IFVM. »

For now, this scourge seems to be confined to the south and east of Madagascar. Let’s hope that the strategy based on spraying pesticides will save crops, as L’Express de Madagascar points out. The major challenge is the preservation of essential food resources for the Malagasy population.

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