Lynda, the only girl in the football class at Mendès-France college – Reporters college in Morlaix

“For me, playing alone with boys has never bothered me, I’ve been used to it for a long time”.

Player since the age of 6

She is the only girl in the football class and also the only one of her U12 team at SC Morlaix: her name is Lynda François, 11 years old, and is a student of the Mendès-France college. She started playing soccer with friends when she was 6 and has been playing it for fun ever since.

Lynda, 11, is the only girl among Mendès-France football class players
Lynda, 11, is the only girl among the players in the Mendès-France football class. (The Telegram / College Mendès France)

Lynda is a reserved young girl in front of us but, during her training, we have seen a big change. She quickly takes her marks and helps others, her ease in the field is obvious. She is very serious when it comes to applying during workouts. Lynda feels good on the pitch. For her, it has always been normal to only play with boys her age, she has always been used to it.

« A good analysis of the game »

She is affected in defense and sometimes in the middle. According to her trainer Julien Bitot, Lynda « is a serious, hard-working player who has a good analysis of the game ». She loves to ride a bike. She is a fan of Messi and also of Ronaldo, but also of PSG. She is not necessarily interested in women’s football either in the news or in the history of football, she has the same idols as her friends in the football class. She doesn’t plan on becoming a professional player, she’s just been playing for fun forever.

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