luxury does not know the Covid crisis

After a dark year 2020, the automotive market expected to revive in 2021. This has not really been the case. French sales only increased by 0.5%! The trend is similar in the world: in addition to health constraints, there are disruptions linked to the shortage of semiconductors, which has prevented many brands from producing all the cars ordered. But if the big firms are weighed down by this context, the luxury labels do not know the crisis! Several have managed to beat their historic sales record.

Rolls Royce sold 5,586 cars in 2021, an unprecedented level. In 2019, before the pandemic, it delivered 5,152 cars, up 25% from 2018. The British firm saw its sales soar thanks to the Cullinan SUV. But it also underlines the good results of the new Ghost, its sedan more affordable than the Phantom, which captures a wealthy younger clientele. Affordable on a Rolls scale: the brand is proud to be the leader in the segment for models over € 250,000!

At Bentley, we also exploded the counters, with 14,659 models sold. This represents an increase of 31% compared to 2020, which was already a record year despite the pandemic. Here too, the SUV has a lot to do with it: the Bentayga represented 40% of the volumes. And one in five Bentaygas is hybrid. The Continental GT, however, retains many followers, since it accounts for 33% of the total. The rest is the Flying Spur sedan, from which Bentley expects a progression thanks to the hybrid. Note that of all sales, China alone represents 28%! The UK still lives up to its brand, with 9% of purchases.

Lamborghini also had an unprecedented record, with 8,405 sales. Urus had a lot to do with it, with 5,021 deliveries! The Huracan is doing well, with 2,586 sales. For Lambo, the United States represents a very large share of sales, with 2,472 deliveries. Note a nice score in Germany (705 sales).

Another luxury firm that is at the top: Porsche. However, let us recognize that the German plays in a category a notch below Rolls and Bentleys, being more generalist… again at the level of the high-end automobile. For the first time in its history, the German has crossed the 300,000 sales mark. It delivered exactly 301,915 cars to the world in 2021. China is still the biggest market, with 95,671 sales. Then there is the United States, with 70,025 sales. The German market is far behind, with 28,565 sales.

On the model side, the chorus is the same: Porsche is pulled to the top by SUVs. He sold 88,362 Macan and 83,071 Cayenne. However, the weight of 4x4s in the total drops, to 57%. The reason ? The breakthrough of the new Taycan, whose sales doubled to 41,296 units. It is thus the third best-selling model, ahead of the famous 911 and its 38,464 sales.

And their sales in France?

In France, Rolls registered 10 cars in 2021, or 0.2% of its total! For Bentley, there were 86 sales, ten more than in 2020. Porsche is again much higher, with 4,487 sales, or 1.5% of its worldwide sales. With us, Porsche does better than Lexus!

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