Luke Kornet’s improbable tribute to… Stromile Swift

Number 2 of the Draft 2000, Stromile Swift unfortunately did not have a great career averaging 8 points and 5 rebounds for nine years. In fact, if his name appears from time to time, it is because he was a « child of Shawn Kemp » capable of hyper violent dunks, well served by Mike Bibby or Jason Williams.

Now 43, Swift is enjoying a peaceful retirement from sport in her native Louisiana, and on Monday her name suddenly popped up on social media. His phone vibrates all over the place, and he’s told to watch some Celtics action against the Hornets. This is an alley oop from Luke Kornet, one of the NBA’s least spectacular players. Except that Kornet celebrated his “dunk” by imitating… Swift with his hands that pretend to fly away like a bird.

« I thought the celebration was good, but the interview was even better » reacted Swift, who had been celebrating her dunks like this since high school. “We could see how happy these guys are to play together. It’s a long season, we travel all over the country, and we don’t always have this kind of relationship with others. You can see they are having fun together. »

But where did this celebration come from? On the Boston bench, there is Damon Stoudemire, Swift’s former teammate, but that’s not the reason.

“It was a tribute to Stromile Swift” confirms Kornet. “Grant (Williams) is the Stromile of our team, and we decided to spread this celebration. Last year, Grant rode guys a few times, and he was compared to Stromile Swift. There are other nicknames, but it’s a great celebration. Grant has some similarities, but I have a feeling I do too. Today, I felt it was appropriate to do it”.

A journalist then asks him what qualities he shares with Swift, and Kornet responds: “Athletic explosiveness. Next question ! »

Stromile SwiftPercentageBounces
SeasonCrewGMMinimumShots3 pointsLFOffDefEarlypdpartyIntbpCTPoints
2007-08*All Teams561550.
2008-09*All Teams191042.9100.

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