Lukasz Poreba, a promising midfielder to perpetuate the links between RC Lens and Poland

Lukasz Poreba comes to reinforce the ranks of the Poles of RC Lens from Zaglebie Lubin where he is coming to the end of his contract (RC Lens must wait until this deadline to formalize but the player is already with the group at La Gaillette). A promising 22-year-old midfielder who we present to you with the help of Mathieu Pecquenard, editor for and behind the Twitter account @footpolak.

After Przemyslaw Frankowski and Adam Buksa, RC Lens has officially welcomed a third Polish player with the arrival of Lukasz Poreba. But the international Espoirs trained at Zaglebie Lubin appears a little more like an investment in the future. Just 22 years old, he is trying his first experience outside Poland while minimizing the risks with this departure for Lens and its strong Polish community.

Lukasz Poreba does not arrive without experience with already a hundred matches to his credit in the Polish first division and a busy qualifying campaign for Euro 2023 with the country’s hopes (note: Poland did not qualify) . In both teams, he has already had to wear the armband, a sign of a certain stature. «  He is a young player but already has a lot of experience. Obviously, there is integration to be done, the language barrier even if he arrived speaking a little French. He’s a real football player, with a big volume. He is not international Espoirs and captain of his selection for nothing “, underlines, Franck Haise.

By playing for Zaglebie Lubin in the Polish league, Lukasz Poreba did not benefit from great exposure but that did not prevent him from being noticed by Lens or even in Italy (Venice was particularly interested). However, it is not surprising to see Racing seek out a young talent in this club since it has proven itself in terms of training.  » Zaglebie Lubin is an excellent training club, one of the best academies in the country behind that of Legia Warsaw or Lech Poznan and yet it is not a very big club “, confirms Mathieu Pecquenard, editor for and the twitter account @footpolak, reference media to follow Polish football.

Lukasz Poreba will have the opportunity in Lens to assert this reputation. A defensive midfielder capable of moving a little higher, he shone a lot with his activity in Poland with a recovery rate announced as the highest in the championship. «  He’s a great recovery player. He feels the game well and quickly understands the pass to do or not to do, with his 3 lungs we also often see him advancing quickly to the opposing surface before shifting or making a deep pass. In the field he is really elegant and smart », Blows our colleague who noted some weaknesses in the aerial field and a lack of consistency still logical at 22 years old.

“RC Lens matches will certainly be the most followed in the L1 in the country”

This is also what probably cost a few matches on the bench for the new midfielder of RC Lens during the second part of the season. Some may have wondered about the choice of Racing, which had tried in vain to bring him in last winter before quickly obtaining an agreement to welcome him this summer. «  He was a little injured and his performance at the start of the year had not been at the expected level. But when he really came back, he did a lot of good for Zaglebie Lubin in the home stretch, without saying that he is the main architect of the maintenance of the club, he is one of the players who allowed him to resume his march in before and he gave a lot of confidence to a midfield that was taking on water observes Mathieu Pecquenard.

It remains to be seen what role Lukasz Poreba could play in his first season at Lens, away from home. If Przemyslaw Frankowski imposed himself immediately on arriving from MLS, he did not have the same background at all. «  There is a particularly physical world between L1 and the Polish championship. He will certainly be an interesting rotation player. To see what he does with the minutes that will be offered to him in the first part of the season “Comments our colleague specialist in Polish football. This Monday, Florent Ghisolfi spoke of a complementary player, at least initially: “ It was an opportunity in the idea of ​​doing what we were able to accomplish with Loïc Badé or Christopher Wooh even if it goes faster for some than for others. The idea is to take players with potential who can enter the framework of RC Lens and make them progress. He will be a complementary player but that is what we estimate at the start. »

For at least a few months, Lukasz Poreba should therefore observe a period of learning. In an ideal setting, surrounded by his compatriots Przemyslaw Frankowski and Adam Buksa, in a region much easier to understand than others when you are Polish. What accentuate all the more the attraction of their country for Racing, while Ligue 1 is more and more followed there.  » What Lens does is really smart. To reconnect with its history, while incorporating players bringing a not insignificant more sporting, it is absolutely perfect. It is certain that with the small Polish community that is forming in the RC Lens group, the club’s matches will certainly be the most watched in the L1 in the country. », Appreciates Mathieu. The links between Racing and Poland have been reviving for several months and it is only history that resumes its course. The future will tell if Poreba, Frankowski and Buksa will help bring the Sang et Or to the top as other big names from Poland have done before them!

Christopher Schaad

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