Lukaku’s agent’s family threatened

Media365 editorial staff, published on Saturday August 14, 2021 at 11:50 a.m.

Romelu Lukaku’s about-face did not please Inter supporters, some of whom have crossed the line.

Romelu Lukaku’s agent Federico Pastorello said that he and his family had received threats while working on the transfer of the Belgian striker to Chelsea. A deal concluded a few days ago and which, as a reminder, cost the Blues € 115m.

Lukaku (28) left Inter Milan this week after helping the Lombard club end an untitled 11-year-old in the Italian league. But, this movement did not go smoothly. His representative was targeted by the tifosi, who accuse him of having privileged the financial aspect and his own interests.

Lukaku « not motivated » by money

« Many of those who insult and threaten me today have thanked me wholeheartedly for bringing him to Milan, » Pastorello said. « I have always accepted – and will continue to do so – confrontation and criticism constructive: they are part of the game for those who play a role with considerable media relevance. What we absolutely cannot tolerate are the lies, innuendos, insults and threats that we have received [également contre ma famille et mes filles], which have gone far beyond the limits of civilization, decency and tolerance. « 

The Italian agent went on to say that it was not the money that motivated his client’s choice : « Although he said he was happy to stay with the Italian champions, Lukaku changed his mind earlier this month and told Inter he wanted to join Chelsea if the good offer was received. Believe it or not, the affection of the supporters and the special bond with the city of Milan made him think for a long time: but then, once his decision was made, he went ahead with conviction and firmness. The economic aspect is a detail, but it is not the main factor that determines our choices and those of our customers ”.

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