« Luka Doncic wants to play with this All-Star »

Leader of a Dallas team that seems to be struggling to move on, Luka Doncic could quickly grow impatient in what is already his 4th season in the NBA. In order to break the glass ceiling with the Mavs, the Slovenian would also be eyeing a specific All-Star …

Defeated in 8 of their last 10 games after the loss to Brooklyn, the Mavs are stalling. The Jason Kidd leg is not necessarily ultra-visible compared to what was offered under Rick Carlisle, and Luka Doncic and his teammates are not seen as a threat to the title in the same way as other big names in the Western Conference.

Luka himself sticks out his tongue, he who is not really in the best physical shape of his life after a grueling summer, and backup might be welcome by the deadline. Who is that ? It turns out that the Slovenian would not take a dim view of the arrival of another All-Star alongside him in Texas …

Luka Doncic would have a certain Ben Simmons in the sights

Of course, or almost, it’s good Ben simmons who is concerned. Already courted by Damian Lillard in Portland, the Australian visibly keeps a very high rating with his peers despite the cataclysmic situation for him in Philadelphia. Journalist Austin Krell, who covers the Sixers, revealed Luka Magic’s interest in his point guard counterpart:

Luka Doncic is among the players who have expressed an interest in playing with Ben Simmons, sources say. This interest dates back to this summer.

Can the Mavs, and more importantly, do they want to set up a trade to be the team that will get Ben Simmons back? Did that make sense to Jason Kidd, who just recently recalled that Dallas was « a jump shot team »? Nothing is less sure. What is certain is, first of all, that Simmons would very seriously strengthen a much-needed defense in Dallas, and could form a devastating duo with Doncic.

The other lesson is that behind his eternal smile, the Slovenian is not crazy: he is well aware that he will not be able to win a title as it is with the Mavericks, and the time has come for him to gently put pressure on the front office to build a more competitive team around him. Well Named.

Luka Doncic and Ben Simmons together? On paper, the duo are salivating, but not sure the Mavs are among the teams in the dance to get the Sixers outcast back. File to watch, all the same …

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