Luka Doncic unleashes a legendary performance in his first match!

Opposed to Argentina to start their competition, Luka Doncic’s teammates won easily on Monday. The Slovenian has everything exploded in its path, and comes close to an entry All-Time record!

After France’s great victory this Sunday against Team USA (summarizes here), we were curious to see the debut of Luka Doncic in these Olympic Games. And for his first game in this competition, we can say it: the Slovenian absolutely put everyone in agreement with a totally crazy performance. He concluded his game with 48 points, 11 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 blocks in… 31 minutes.

From half-time, he had set the tone with no less than 31 units on his counter. In his wake, his team began with an easy victory by a score of 118-100.

The record was not far, since it is today 55 points. There was however room, but given the blowout, the coach of Slovenia preferred to withdraw his best player. No record for Luka, who can still welcome this entry. He had time to carry out a few actions, which will make everyone agree.

An already legendary performance and victory: Luka Doncic starts his Olympics in the best possible way. We are now eager to see the rest, especially as the competition is prevented.

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