Luka Doncic really decisive? The damning report against the Slovenian!

Despite the Mavericks’ new defeat, Luka Doncic was still a hit with another 40-point game. It’s obviously impressive on paper, but is it really positive for his team? Some wonder, especially at the sight of some statistics. Be careful not to overdo it for the Slovenian.

With 40 points in Game 3 against the Warriors, Luka Doncic confirms his current good form. He connects the boxes, even if the victories are not at the end. The Mavericks lost the game, while the Slovenian ate a terrible poster at the level of the circle (see you here). A rather mixed match for the player, who is also not unanimous with his performances, especially when we see this statistic:

Luka Doncic is at 2 wins and 6 losses when he scores at least 40 points in the playoffs.

Negative impact for Luka Doncic at the Mavs?

Doncic may multiply the cards, they are not synonymous with victory. That’s pretty worrying going forward for the Mavs, which means other players will have to do more as well, at least if this team is to save the honor. In the meantime, another stat overwhelms Luka in this series, he who is far from having a good differential. Clearly, perhaps building trust with his teammates should be his priority.

Andrew Wiggins has a +66 differential in this series, the best of the Warriors. Luka Doncic is at -61 in this series, the worst of the Mavs.

It doesn’t matter if Luka manages to score 40 points, or even 50, if the teammates are not level, it’s hard to dream of a victory. It is also up to the player to involve everyone, to hopefully reverse the situation. In the meantime, the Slovenian is making NBA history, and through the wrong door:

The Mavs have lost 4 straight games when Luka Doncic scores 40 points. He tied the longest losing streak by a player at more than 40 points in playoff history, with Rick Barry (1966-77).

If Luka Doncic is full of points, victory is far from guaranteed for the Mavericks, far from it. This is quite worrying for the rest of this series, but also proof that this roster could improve in quality. A job for the front office this summer, which will be under some pressure.

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