Luka Doncic cash on Kawhi’s huge performance!

Not decided to leave the playoffs in the first round, Kawhi Leonard sent a message this Friday night against the Mavericks. In a press conference, even Luka Doncic could only recognize the domination of his opponent.

This Friday night, the Mavericks had a first game point. The challenge ? A ticket for the second round of the playoffs, while the franchise was not really favorite before launching. But Luka Doncic was still responsible for some miracles, and he had the opportunity to send the Clippers on vacation a little earlier than expected.

With 29 points, 11 assists and 8 rebounds, the Slovenian was very good, as often when the time for the postseason is here. But a Kristaps Porzingis will not be able to say the same, he who finishes with only 7 units for 7 shots attempted, unworthy of his status as a lieutenant.

When you lose 104-97, it necessarily makes a big difference, and now the Mavs must be wary of this upcoming Game 7, and especially the awakening of Kawhi Leonard. We all remember the previous match, where the winger had been reprimanded by Rajon Rondo for his choices in the finale. That his fans are reassured, he rectified the point.

With several shoots clutchs and 45 points in total (to find here), The Klaw recalls why he took the Raptors with him to a historic title. He’s still capable of miracles, and he doesn’t plan to go away that easily. Count on him to continue during Game 7, and Doncic knows it. In front of the media, the Slovenian recognized the superiority of his opponent.

Kawhi destroyed us, he made a great game. That’s what he does.

No doubt, Kawhi Leonard flew over Game 6 to keep his team alive, like a leader. Luka Doncic now hopes to answer him in the next part in a Game 7 which promises to be explosive. We can not wait to be there.

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