Luis Henrique would have chosen his club far from Nantes and Ligue 1


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With Pablo Longoria at its head, OM are experiencing a major project during this summer transfer window. In addition to a change of coach which was not really planned, the Olympian club is working hard on its Mercato.

In terms of arrivals, Isaak Touré is the latest recruit and other players should be arriving soon. But Marseille must also degrease and the first candidate to leave is the Brazilian Luis Henrique. For a few days, the Brazilian winger has been at the center of the news, Torino but also Nantes would be on the spot.

Luis Henrique heading to Flamengo?

Nevertheless, it is on the other side of the Atlantic that Luis Henrique could export his talents. According to information from the Brazilian press including Globo, Luis Enrique has indeed chosen to join Flamengo, the Brazilian club trying to negotiate a loan with OM. It remains to be seen whether the two clubs will agree, OM not intending to sell off a player bought for 8 million euros.

to summarize

The departure of the Brazilian Luis Henrique is hardly in doubt on the side of OM. The winger would have chosen his future destination. Nantes, a Ligue 1 club mentioned among courtiers, would not really have its favors.

Julien Pedebos


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