Luis Enrique (Spain): « We will not make any calculations »

“Are you planning to make any changes? Sergio Busquets has a yellow card…
There’s still training to decide on the starting XI but we won’t do any calculations. We have to win the match, we are in a group where everyone can still qualify and even if we are in a good position, we want to win to stay first.

You seem to be coping well with the pressure of this World Cup.
There is always this idea that gatherings must be rigid, with very strict rules… Me, the most important thing, and I said it to the players, is that they have fun. We all need to have fun and you need to love your job. The pressure is a privilege, this pressure means that we represent our country.

Could Gavi and Rodri be spared against Japan? They didn’t practice yesterday…
It always depends on the situation, for this match we will train tonight and we will see. These are players who are club and national starters, but they want to play. Yesterday, they wanted to train but we preferred to spare them, with the medical staff. Tonight we will see. But there is no need to force.

You are not going to calculate but you understand that people think about it. Why rule out the possibility of an easier painting?
From a professional point of view, imagine that we calculate, we are 0-0 against Japan, Germany are 0-0 against Costa Rica, and at the last minute Japan scores and Costa Rica scores, we is eliminated. We are a good team and we want to finish first because the big teams finish first. In the eighth, we will play against whom we will play, if we take Brazil in the quarter we will take Brazil, that’s all. High-level sport does not calculate.

What game are you expecting?
It will be a complicated match, I think we will dominate. But it’s a team that knows how to close, who knows how to press. I think it will be an open game. »

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