‘Low level Italian football, normal Premier players here pass for phenomena’ » La TV en Live

Torino coach Ivan Juric in his interview with Sky after the loss to Sassuolo spoke about the poor quality of Italian football, setting an example with his player, Vlasic. Here are his words: “You always ask me about Vlasic, as if what phenomenon we are talking about. You all have to understand that Italian football is now at a low level. The Prime Minister is another world. Vlasic is now struggling to adapt, but being a championship with few technical ideas, he will do well. In Italy, we understood that the gap is huge, and then the objective is to take these good Premier players, who pass here for phenomena because they make the difference. Why are all older players, for the most part, still playing in Italy? Because they can still make a difference”. He brings it back Alfredo Pedullà to his site.

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