Lot: day of celebration for the football club of Saint Paul Loubressac

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For the first time in its history, the Saint Paul Loubressac football team will play this Sunday (at 3 p.m.) the third round of the Coupe de France. On this occasion, the Lotois, who play in D3, will be opposed to the team of Luc Primaube (Regional 2). A great party in perspective for the Saint-Paul club.

The Saint-Paul Loubressac football club is preparing for a very special day this Sunday. Qualified for the first time in its history in the third round of the Coupe de France, the flag team of the Saint-Paul club will face Sunday afternoon (at 3 p.m.) the formation of Luc Primaube who plays in Regional 2, i.e. four divisions in -above. “We are happy to be here. May the party be beautiful, that the players take advantage of it and that they let go of the horses, ”wishes club president Maxime Lacombe.

An event in the history of the club

To reach this level, the Saint-Paul Loubressac players won 3-2 in the first round after a close match on the ground of a Thédirac team which plays at the same level, before succeeding in the performance in the next round of winning against a Ségala Foot team ranked two divisions above. “Against Ségala Foot, the team had a very solid match, the way was there”. Winners 2 to 0, the Saint-Paulois opened the doors to the third round and the right to meet the Aveyron team.
An event in the history of the club whose last confrontation against a formation playing in the regional championship dates back « to 7 or 8 years », remembers Maxime Lacombe who lived this match as an attacker of the eleven of Saint-Paul Loubressac . “We had received Rodez in the Midi Cup. We had taken 8 to 1 against a top team, but I have great memories of it. »

‘Make the most of this game’

Sunday against “a very strong Luc Primaube team, we will have nothing to lose, it’s just a bonus! We will have to give everything, let go of the horses, take full advantage of this match and we will see. “Adds the president of a Saint-Paul team which bowed with its head held high last weekend in the Occitanie cup on the ground of a Saint-Germain team which plays a division above. « We managed to lead in the score, but Saint-Germain took the upper hand to win 3-2. We had a good performance, we gave it our all » remarked the president of an eleven Saint-Paulois who will have for ambition this year “to reach the D2. We expanded the group in the off-season and we are aiming for first place in our D3 pool”.
While waiting for the start of the championship the following weekend against ELVL 2, Saint-Paul -Loubressac will experience a great moment this Sunday in the Coupe de France. “It gets people talking about the club and the village, that’s very good. And then to play a match like this, these are memories that remain! « .

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