LOSC: Thiago Maia will stay in Brazil


On loan with an option to Brazil and more specifically to Flamengo, Thiago Maia should not return to LOSC. His purchase option should be exercised by the Brazilian team. A weight less for Olivier Létang and his finances.

Bought for 14 million which was at the time the most expensive transfer in the history of LOSC, Thiago Maia never convinced and was even a real disappointment. During his time at the club, from the summer of 2017 to January 2018, he only played 69 games for 1 goal and 1 assist. A meager record for a player as one of the most promising Brazilians of his generation. To get rid of him, LOSC sent him back to Brazil, and more specifically to Flamengo, in the form of a loan with an option to buy.

According to information relayed by LePetitLillois, Flamengo is preparing to make an offer for Thiago Maia. Author of good performances on his native land, the Brazilian could bring in 6.5 million euros to the Mastiffs as was initially planned in his purchase option. Nevertheless, the Brazilian team would still like to negotiate a parameter of this agreement in order to pay the sum due in four separate parts, worth 1.625 million euros each, which Flamengo would spread over a year and a half. To see if these conditions will convince the new leaders of LOSC.


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