Losc: « Limits have been crossed » … Master Leonardo flies to the aid of Pochettino and his players


Knowing how to position yourself in a mixed zone is an art. There are those who make the wrong choices, such as one of our colleagues disgusted at having gone to drink Mauricio Pochettino’s clichés in a post-match conference, and those who make the right ones. Luckily, we found ourselves in the second batch, that of the guys leaning on the ramp of the Park corridor like pillars of bars who only had to hold out the microphone to collect Leonardo’s rant, whose performance theatrical is almost stand-up. Grimaces, mimicry, bombastic punchlines … The Brazilian delivered in the mixed zone a successful performance to defend the PSG institution in length, width and direction with the suspicion of bad faith that implies. If everyone will find fault with the substance, the form, everyone agrees: it is for these cult moments that we camp on the ground like Zadistas at the end of the matches.

The bottom, therefore. As a late negotiator, Leo first concedes that PSG are not playing as well as they would hope. “The reviews, okay, but the good ones. That there are things to improve, it’s obvious, it’s even normal. “To better unwind behind. “I don’t really like the way we judge it all. I think there is a way of speaking and criticism that is a bit gratuitous. “The rest is a great plea from Master Leonardo in favor of the Parisians he considers unfairly criticized, starting with the coach.

Pochettino, not a branquignol

What Leonardo says: “Limits have been crossed. To say that the coach does not understand football, that he was born yesterday, that the great players that we have taken are zero. To hear some people talk about it, we have the impression that the coach no longer understands anything, does not know what a backdrop is. Yes, he is looking, everyone is looking. Pochettino when he arrived it was a top 5, now he does not understand anything. We’ll do the accounts at the end. Everyone needs time. « 

What we think: We plead guilty on the rather easy jokes on Pochettino, in particular on his passion for lemons, hunters of negativity. For the rest, we must still admit that the Parisian coach shoots himself in the foot every time he balances banalities at a press conference rather than taking the opportunity to support his ideas for the game. These, if they exist, and they surely exist, are not immediately obvious on match days. Even if it was better in the last half hour against Lille.

The hygiene of Neymar and company

What Leonardo says: “Neymar is an experienced player, [vendredi] he had a great game. If he was a player who was always partying, he wouldn’t have played a game like that, he doesn’t run 90 minutes, it’s impossible. We must not believe that we do not know anything, that we learn things like that, that the players are celebrating I do not know where, that does not correspond to the truth. We talk to the players if they don’t do things that are not good. « 

What we think:

No, seriously, what do we think? Neymar was great for half an hour, but in passing, evidenced by his dedication to Di Maria on the winning goal. But you can’t set him up as a physical model and forget that he hardly ever goes one-on-one when he’s one of the best, if not the best dribbler in the world. And it’s still not us who invent the stories of bottles of wine on Insta, damn it.

Sergio Ramos’ physical form: no surprise

What Leonardo says: “Ramos, the Spanish press is playing a game and you are playing the game of the Spanish press. Because they want to say Ramos sucks. But we are on our way, we knew everything. « 

What we think: Not much. PSG are mocked for a more or less denied rumor about the Spaniard’s impressive physical pseudo-tests during his medical visit to the club, but given the man’s non-selection for the Euro, no one could say that ‘he did not know. This does not prevent us from saying that this story smells of fir trees from miles away. Tick, tock, tock, tock… The clock is ticking and Ramos still hasn’t played a game.


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