Los Angeles Lakers Salaries

A good season in the NBA doesn’t just happen on the field. This also happens on the financial side! Bank management is fundamental for any NBA team, so it’s time to look at Los Angeles Lakers salaries for the 2022-23 season.

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Los Angeles Lakers 2022-23 salaries

Lakers Salaries September 23, 2022

Salary source: Spotrac

Financial situation in relation to the salary cap

  • The Luxury Tax threshold is set at $150,267,000 this year
  • NBA salary cap set at $123,655,000 this year

With $168,350,950 contractually committed this year, the Lakers are clearly in the red and they will therefore have to go to the checkout to pay the tax. You have to know how to make sacrifices to finish eleventh…

Red finances oblige, the Lakers could not splurge during the offseason. Goodbye Talen Horton-Tucker flop and welcome to Patrick Beverley. For the rest, all the veterans in the trash and we fill up with players in the prime of life with minimum contracts or via the mid-level exception. Note the good deal Dennis Schröder for 2.6 million after his Euro XXL with Germany.

Players under guaranteed contracts for the 2023-24 season:

  • LeBron James
  • Anthony Davis
  • Max Christie

As often in recent years, the Lakers have gone on a strategy with short contracts and players looking for rings or who simply want to revive themselves. Fun fact: if LBJ and AD don’t activate their options in 2024, LA won’t have any players under contract. Not a scenario you see every morning. Anyway, we would bet on the fact that another boy shows up in 2023 to motivate all these beautiful people to stay. Someone who loves astronomy, you know who we’re talking about?

Three players to watch this season:

Announced in almost all transfer rumors this summer (Indiana, Houston, Charlotte, Utah), Russell Westbrook is currently still a Lakers player. The arrivals of Patrick Beverley and Dennis Schröder still sound like a big spoiler regarding the intentions of the leaders. If Brodie can be traded for some interesting cam, they surely won’t hesitate. In any case, Russ had better have a big year if he wants to nab an interesting contract at the Free Agency next summer. To see what deal he can hope for when he turns 34 in November.

We continue our momentum of players in reconquest with Mr Kendrick Nunn. Present in LA for a year, the former Heat has not yet played a single minute in the purple and gold jersey! We still remember his great achievements in Miami but we will have to refresh our memory a little because he too will be free at the end of the season and his rating with the GMs should not be flying very high at the moment.

We end with the last to arrive in Los Angeles, what implacable logic isn’t it? Incredible with Germany and bronze medalist at EuroBasket this summer, Dennis Schröder has won his bet. He wanted to lure the recruiters with the selection, he got a first class ticket for LA At 2.6 million a year, it’s a pittance and if he stays in line with his Euro, he can easily multiply score by 5, 6 or 7 next summer when it comes to looking for a new contract.

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