Los Angeles Golden Ratio Music Show… 4 days of sound and light show open to the public


From June 22 to 25, Jaeger-LeCoultre will host guests at the Golden Ratio Music Show in Los Angeles to celebrate the arithmetic equation that defines beauty with an original symphony by TØKIO M¥ERS.

In an inspiring outdoor venue, a spectacular sound and light show will celebrate the golden ratio – the unique mathematical formula that defines the aesthetic harmony towards which we humans are instinctively captivated. Revolutionary British musician TØKIO M¥ERS was commissioned by the program Made of Makers of Jaeger-LeCoultre to create a new soundtrack exclusively for the show.

Presentation of design in a new cultural context

With the Golden Ratio musical show, Jaeger-LeCoultre continues to broaden the cultural dialogue around design and watchmaking, exploring their basic links through the Reverso watch, recognized as an emblem of 20th century design. The 1931 Cinema is a stage specially designed for the show, allowing visitors to immerse themselves deeply in the style and atmosphere of the Art Deco period, the period which saw the birth of the Reverso watch. To enhance the experience, refreshments will be served at Café Nomade 1931. Built in an open-air setting in Westfield Century City on Santa Monica Boulevard, this outdoor concept also pays homage to the first cinema drive in in the world, which in 1933 gave birth to a new form of entertainment that was the first of its kind in the United States to become deeply entrenched in popular culture.

Fascinating sound and light show

At the heart of the 1931 cinema is the centerpiece, the Golden Ratio Music Show, a spectacular sound and light show projected onto a giant screen of falling water. The 10-minute work tells the story of the golden ratio in four chapters, tracing the discovery of the observation of nature and the hidden harmonies that unite its most beautiful forms, to the scientific examination of the mysterious properties of the beauty and the geometries that define them, which led to the discovery of the mathematical formula 1.618, also known as Phi (φ). He then explores how this « Golden Number » or « Divine Proportion » marks cultural history, architecture and art, concluding with the greatest eloquence by presenting the Reverso watch, created at the height of the Art movement. Deco.

Special commission of a soundtrack by TØKIO M¥ERS

Jaeger-LeCoultre commissioned the soundtrack for the Golden Ratio Musical Show from pioneering British musician and composer TØKIO M¥ERS, recognized worldwide as one of the most original artists of recent years. A graduate of the Royal Academy of Music, TØKIO M¥ERS is known for his experimental fusions of classical music with influences from film, hip-hop, dance, 90s soul and more. He is also a talented pianist and percussionist, and an incredible performer with dynamic power. With compositions that transcend time and genres, he creates a dialogue between past and present, somehow redefining classical music.

Inspired by his time at the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop in Switzerland, TØKIO M¥ERS explains that he created this new work  » for the express purpose of amplifying the emotional impact of digital projection. The work is described as  » a short symphony in four chapters or movements that takes the listener on a powerful journey « . Zooming in on the theme of the golden ratio, he transposed the number 1.618 into a rhythm of 161.8 beats per minute.  » I use the golden ratio as a driving rhythm throughout the piece. I’ve never written with this rhythm before, and it’s a beautiful tempo he says.

First leg of the world tour

After its premiere in Shanghai, the Golden Ratio Musical Show is about to embark on a world tour in Los Angeles. The event will begin with an invitation-only gala on June 22, where TØKIO M¥ERS will perform their soundtrack live. He will be accompanied by the famous LE Orchband, a group of world-class musicians from both sides of the Atlantic, based in Los Angeles. Afterwards, TØKIO M¥ERS will give a concert of his other works, where a unique lighting that enlivens his solo performances and makes them so dynamic.

While touring Los Angeles, Cinema de 1931 will be free and open to the public from June 22-25, offering the opportunity to explore watchmaking design and craftsmanship in a new cultural context. The space will be open all day from 10 a.m. to 10 a.m., with the Golden Ratio Musical Show starting at 7 a.m. and looping every 20 minutes until 10 a.m.

After a season in Los Angeles, the 1931 Cinema and The Golden Ratio Musical Show will travel to London and Dubai in 2023.

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