Lorient must « find more offensive spontaneity », warns Pélissier

The Lorient coach spoke after his team’s defeat in Angers (1-0) this Sunday.

Christophe Pelissier (Lorient coach, beaten 1-0 at Angers): « I am very disappointed for the players, especially because when you see the conditions of the workforce (7 potential holders absent), I believe that they are up to the Angers team. But a more than contentious decision prevents us from having a positive result (the penalty). For me, there is simply no penalty, (Jimmy Cabot) lost the ball, he comes out of the box so I don’t see how there can be a penalty. It’s been two games in a row and it’s starting to do a lot. (…) We’re going to have to turn this around. But we lack confidence. In the second half, we had the ability to find more lags than them. We fired more times, with more dangerous situations, but we don’t fit (…).

We need to find more offensive spontaneity. It will come back with confidence (…). As after every defeat, the group is bruised. Now it’s up to us, the staff, to help him prepare for the upcoming matches. But it is true that it weighs on the heads. And practically every time we bring in players who are doing their baptism of fire in L1. On the last action of the match, if our striker has more experience, maybe he handles the situation differently. Youth is good, but a little more experience is not bad too« .

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