“Looks like an alien”: the new Wembanyama video that terrifies the web!


Expected in first position of the next draft, Victor Wembanyama continues to make dizzy with his performances. Whether in the middle of a match or warming up, the Frenchman continues to surprise internet users. The proof with his last sequence…

In the final against Monaco, the Metropolitans 92 hope to create a small exploit against the teammates of Mike James. Everything is possible with a Victor Wembanyama in their ranks, since after all we are talking about the future number 1 in the draft. There is no doubt that Spurs will select him in a few weeks, especially when you see his recent prowess.

Wembanyama still shocks fans

Clutch during Game 4, the most important game of their season, Wemby continue to shock the entire league with their performances. This is also the case during the warm-up, since a video of Victor in the process of… juggling is in the process of arousing the admiration of Internet users. We almost come to wonder if the video is not a montage.

Impossible to date the video, but the feat is nonetheless crazy. Not a total surprise either when you know that Victor follows a very specific program to keep in shape, and thus avoid potential injuries. Internet users are in any case surprised by the video, as if Wemby had not already been talked about enough.

Looks like an alien lol

People were going crazy over Steph Curry’s routine with the tennis ball. You are not ready for this

2m24 and yet, Victor Wembanyama is able to put on a show, even during the warm-up. That’s enough to become a fan favorite, although everyone will judge him on the court. But we don’t worry too much about that either.


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