Lonnie Walker IV doesn’t think about his contract | NBA

Lonnie Walker IV, however, came out of a rather accomplished third season. But the Spurs did not offer him a contract extension during the summer, which will make him a protected « free agent » next summer.

The person ensures that the backlash is quickly over, and that he prefers to focus on his game to prove to his franchise that he does indeed deserve his place in San Antonio.

“I’m not worried about the contract. Thanks to the will of God, I have good karma, good energy around me. Things will unfold as they should ”, he said before approaching this new season with the Spurs. “I think I’m more enthusiastic, more hungry. I am hungrier than ever. I try to stay active offensively and defensively and do what Pop wants me to do ”.

So far, the method has worked quite well as Lonnie Walker IV made two games at 17 points and an overall production rather interesting. The rear can also take the example of Jakob Poeltl, the Austrian pivot having experienced the same situation in 2019 before finally being extended in November 2020 with a contract of $ 27 million over three years. It remains now to continue to progress, keeping « The right attitude » as he has displayed since day one according to teammate Derrick White.

“I sacrificed a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of things this offseason to be ready to play this season. I am very confident. I will continue to improve with my pace and my confidence. I am simply ready ”, concluded Lonnie Walker IV.

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