Longoria has dropped the trail leading to this nugget?

Long tracked by Olympique de Marseille, Amine Adli would no longer have any news from Pablo Longoria according to information from 10 Sport… The Toulouse Football Club nugget is put aside by the club and is still hoping for a sign from FC Bayern Munich.

Looking for a competitor / successor for Dimitri Payet, Pablo Longoria had checked the name of Amine Adli and Thiago Almada. If the Argentinian should join the MLS next January, the French would have more news from the Marseillais.

Adli waits for a sign from Bayern Munich

Indeed, according to information from 10 Sport, Amine Adli would have received proposals from Ligue 1 (Troyes, promoted to L1 this season) and Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga. Neither of these two offers would have convinced the French nugget.

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Olympique de Marseille have not given the player any news for several weeks after putting him in their priorities in winter 2020/2021. There would indeed be an interest from Bayern Munich but for the moment there is no offensive!

The player refused two clubs, which I cannot name but they are gigantic clubs – Comoli

Adli would be patient and hope for a sign from the Bavarian club before the end of the summer transfer window. For the moment, Toulouse Football Club has even put the player aside from the group, until his situation is clarified. In a statement, the Toulouse president sanctioned the attacking midfielder.

“From today, Amine Adli is no longer available to the coach. And this until September 1 at least. Gone as it started, if he’s still here after September 1, we’ll see what decision we’ll take ”. “We worked a lot to try to extend the player (…), it was not possible. We received two offers. One from a European Top 5 club for 10 million euros, and one from the European Top 15 for 12 million euros ”(…)“ The player refused the two clubs, which I cannot name but they are gigantic clubs. Foreigners. And who play the Champions League and the title in their respective championship every year ”. « We accepted the one at 12 million » and « The one at 10 million, I think we could have accepted it but the player also refused (…) » I hear that his agents are offering the player on the market by saying that he can leave at 5 million. He will never leave at 5 million. (…) We will keep the player until June 30, 2022, rather than selling him for 5 million. It is absolutely niet ”. Damien Comolli – Source: The Dispatch.

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