Loire-Atlantique: with her boxing-health lessons, Alicia helps long-term patients

Alicia Fourcade offers healthy boxing sessions
Alicia Fourcade offers healthy boxing sessions accessible to all in the Saint-Nazaire region © Mélissa DUPIN

Alicia Fourcade offers health sport class in the region of Saint Nazaire (Loire Atlantique). They are intended for people who suffer from » long-term illnesses (ALD).

In recent years, Claudine, 82, has multiplied the physical problems. The latest, a shoulder fracture. Over the weeks, this dynamic granny felt her body tired. On the advice of her daughters, she returned to sport. But out of the question for this inhabitant of The Baule to go to a gym.

“I did it when I was younger. But I would no longer see myself going to a room with several people ”,

Claudine, 82 years old.

Since August, she has therefore been exercising with Alicia. At her place. “Alicia is very attentive. What we don’t have all the time when we are in a collective session. « 

Sport on medical prescription

Alicia Fourcade is not a sports coach like the others. Instructor educator at Sitan Gym Nazairien, the 34-year-old young woman has just passed a health sport certification and created her company Ali Coaching at the end of August.

Thanks to this certification, the young woman can provide sports sessions on medical prescription.

« They are prescribed by the doctor for people suffering from one or more ALD (long-term ailments) and can be reimbursed by certain mutual funds »

Alicia Fourcade, sports coach.

Boxing for everyone

This sports educator has been practicing boxing foot fist for more than 10 years. A real passion. When she decides to become a health sports coach, she does not see herself abandoning « her » sport.

“Boxing allows you to work the whole body and coordination. For my sessions, I am inspired by all combat sports such as the pancrace (wrestling), which allows for example to learn to get up after a fall.  »

Alicia assures him: “Anyone can box. No need to be in great physical condition.  »

« Made-to-measure »

When she first meets a patient with a prescription, Alicia looks at the directions and assesses the physical level. She then adapts « the activity program to each case », before reporting to the attending physician. It is “tailor-made”.

The young woman travels with all the necessary equipment including an impedance meter and a heart rate sensor.

Alicia can also intervene in medico-social structures (IME, ITEP, psychiatric units for children, adults, EPM etc.). « It is also suitable for children who have behavioral or attention problems, » notes the sports coach.

30 km around Saint-Nazaire

Alicia travels within a radius of 30 km around Saint-Nazaire. After eight sessions, Claudine is already feeling the benefits. “I regained my energy. I stand taller and feel better in my legs.  »

After two months of regular work, she would not do without it! I look forward to my sessions ”.

Although she admits it at first, putting on the boxing gloves scared her a little. « I’m not forcing anyone, » Alicia reassures. We go smoothly and nothing is mandatory and we do not hit anyone.  »

Alicia also offers standard sports classes. First session free. Ali Coaching: ali-coaching44@outlook.fr

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