Loire-Atlantique: crèche professionals in the street


The administrative court has validated the vaccination obligation for the staff of the nurseries of Nanterre.
The professionals of early childhood structures will demonstrate this Thursday, March 31 in Nantes. like everywhere in France. ©Actu.fr

Those are alarm signals. The crib from multi-home Chou Chou au pallet has, for example, had to close its doors at 1 p.m. instead of 6:30 p.m., a Fridayend march. A fact that is becoming less and less rare in 2022.  » We are 6 professionals for 20 children. But as soon as one or two are missing officers for different reasons (holidays, sickness…), we can no longer ensure the service. We can’t find any more replacements. » we explain in this structure located a stone’s throw from the station.

HAS Monnieres at the Microscop crèche, Matthieu Menguy also observes “a worrying desertion of profiles”.  » Before the covidwe received 10 to 20 resume to make substitutions. I don’t have one there. » indicates the president of the National Federation of Early Childhood Educators of Pays de la Loire. A structure that will be present in Nantes, this Thursday, March 31stfor a gathering from 10 a.m. The call is national.

Lack of means

Place Royale, they hope to be numerous for denounce the lack of means attributed to the early childhood. “The reason for all our ailments“, believes the Monnièrois. « If the professions no longer attract, it is because it is not valued at its fair value ». The National Union of Early Childhood Professionals therefore claims the famous Ségur premium which was first granted to caregivers (Editor’s note. 183 euros net monthly), then torn off by the sector medico-social. “It is for the moment refused to the early childhood sector, explains the educator. We are neither considered in the sanitary field, neither in the social field. Moreover, we were told that there had already been a revaluation of… 3% of the single service delivery (PSU)! » Professionals also mention budget cuts for interventions educational (music, visual arts, etc.).

the state nevertheless issued a solution to the shortage of workforce : open wider the recruitment only to graduates (early childhood educators, childcare assistants, nurses…) and only qualified (CAP holders, pr trayy…). An option against which the crèches oppose: “Our professions require training. Our job is not to be a parent,” we remind you of the Pallet which will close its doors for the day. “Graduates already represent only 40%. By accepting people with a validation of acquired experience, this rate would drop further. We devalue our professions”. Therefore, they will wear a T-shirt flocked from hashtag #mytruevalue.

Appeal to unqualified persons

Behind, the challenge is the maintenance of a reception quality. « We don’t deal with tin cans but with children“, launches Matthieu Menguy who deplores that the government disregard the various reports of experts. “The First 1000 Days Commission made recommendations. This committee of scientistsspecialists in the field of childhood, would like 70% of professionals to be qualified and that one adult for 5 children regardless of age be the new supervision rate. Whereas today it’s 1 for 5 children who don’t walk and 1 for 8 who walk. Moreover, the latest finding is to promote hiring of people far removed from employment enrolled in a career pathoccupational integration and without no experience or training, and to allow the apprentis to be included in the management staff ».

Furthermore, if the profession experiences a wave of retirements, it only partly explains the needs. The child care decrease while the territory is in full expansion. According to maternal child protectionthe urban community of Clisson, Sèvre and Maine has, for example, gone from 721 to 520 childminders Between 2014 and 2020 for 2350 to 1785 seats. In Monnières, in the structure which welcomes 10 children, 83 families have had their files refused.

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