Logan Paul dismantles the 4 brothers of an NFL superstar … before his eyes!

While Logan Paul continues his preparation to face Floyd Mayweather, the influencer does not forget his original job: Youtube. In his last video, he even found the perfect idea to juggle his two occupations: knocking down one by one the 4 brothers of an NFL superstar.

While waiting to face Floyd Mayweather on June 6, regulated fight with a maximum weight not to be exceeded for the boxing legend, Logan Paul continues his life as a Youtubeur and continues the videos. Better yet, he takes advantage of these same videos to put on the gloves and train with heavy weights (both literally and figuratively).

We are talking about the Gronkowski family, that is to say the 4 brothers of the immense NFL player Rob Gronkowski: Glenn, Dan, Chris and Gordie have thus accepted the boxing challenge of Logan Paul. The principle ? A fight of 4 rounds in a row, with each time 90 seconds and new brother Gronk to defeat.

While none of the Gronks have a professional boxing career, they all come from the world of sport and all have pretty solid physique. None is below the 100 kilogram mark for example, the proof below.

  • Glenn, NFL player, measures 1.91m for 106 kg
  • Dan, NFL player, measures 1.96m for 116 kg
  • Chris, NFL player, is 1.88 for 111kg
  • Gordie, former MLB player, is 1.98m tall for 113kg

But enough said, we now leave you with the video of the 4 fights. Make yourself comfortable, Logan is the delight. None of the brothers survived.

Some will also have noticed two small shattering details: Logan Paul lengthens the chain of the 4 Gronkowski brothers under the eyes of Rob, who was a referee, but also in front of their father, present in the public. Ouch, it stings internally.

Brothers Gronkowski were not spared by Logan Paul. We now ask to see Rob put on the gloves, with the agreement of his NFL franchise of course.

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