Lloris worries about Pogba, Benzema and Griezmann

Hugo Lloris, captain of the France team, spoke about the gloomy news of several of his teammates in France, Wednesday after Tottenham’s victory against OM (2-0) in the Champions League.

The news of the France team is dense a week before the announcement of the list (September 15) for the last two matches of the League of Nations against Austria (September 22), then in Denmark (25). Hugo Lloris, captain of the Blues, follows the state of his troops very closely. The Tottenham goalkeeper was notably questioned about the Pogba affair on Wednesday after Spurs’ victory against OM (2-0) in the Champions League.

« Aware of nothing » on the Pogba affair, worried about Benzema

« I am not aware of anything », he replied on the extortion attempt of which the French midfielder would be the victim. On the other hand, he is more concerned about his potential package (knee operation) and the injury of Karim Benzema. « What worries me the most are the small physical glitches because we will need our best players at the important moment of this month of November (in the World Cup), he added. Hoping that everyone has recovered by then, hoping it’s not too bad for Karim (Benzema). »

« Paul, we know that his chances are compromised, regretted the former Lyonnais. There are a lot of matches, the sequence of competitions. It’s up to us to recover well by taking the matches one after the other. We also have our responsibilities in clubs but there is this big deadline which is coming soon and which is in the back of our minds.

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He also commented on Antoine Griezmann’s difficult situation at Atlético de Madrid, where the French striker has only been used from the 60th minute of each match since the start of the season, for political reasons. « He is already playing every game, he comes in during the game, tries to positive Lloris. It’s a fairly complex situation. It’s almost unheard of. I think it can frustrate him but it doesn’t not affect since he is decisive when he returns. Tonight, he scored again in the last minutes of the match (against Porto, 2-1) to offer the three points to his team. We all know the importance of Antoine. He is a very great player, he has brought a lot to the France team in recent years. There is no doubt that he will continue to do so. »

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