Lloris deplores the preparation conditions for the 2022 World Cup

One year before the World Cup in Qatar, Hugo Lloris spoke about the hellish pace that awaits the players next season. The captain of the Blues assures us that the conditions are not ideal, but that we will have to adapt to them.

While the Blues have yet to validate their ticket for the next World Cup in Qatar, which will take place from November 21 to December 18, 2022, Hugo Lloris was asked about the future calendar that awaits the globalist teams. With a dantesque pace.

« Something new will present itself to us. The players will be physically ready because they will have behind them almost three months of competition. It will, however, not be possible to play preparatory matches, there will be no work. in common. These are not ideal conditions, but hey, we will adapt, « said the captain of the France team in the columns of the Parisian.

No preparation match before the competition

Conditions that go in the direction of an international calendar tightened in recent weeks, with a very short preparation for the World Cup, and which does not only have admirers. While Thibaut Courtois got carried away against these infernal rates, Hugo Lloris called on authorities to think about the health of the players.

« In football, you are now on the bridge eleven months out of twelve. Even in the preparation phases, we participate with our clubs in tournaments. There are no, or very few, friendly matches, relates the porter. of Tottenham. This also applies to the selection with the creation in 2018 of the League of Nations. After, when we set things up, it is necessary to put yourself in the shoes of the players, to be sensitive to their feelings. football, I’m not going to complain, this adrenaline drives me and guides me. To optimize the performance and the spectacle, you also need equally important rest phases. And they are, I want to say, less less present. « 

In recent weeks, international organizations have been put to the test. In September, Didier Deschamps’ men had played three games in nine days, before completing the Final 4 of the League of Nations in six days and five training sessions (including two cleanups). Infernal rates that do not seem to concern FIFA, still committed to organizing a World Cup every two years.

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