Lloris confides in the role of captain

Axel Allag, Media365, published Tuesday, December 28, 2021 at 11:35 p.m.

With 136 selections for the Blues, including more than 100 as captain, Hugo Lloris has extensive international experience. He confided in his role as captain, which remains very intense when it comes to representing his country.

In recent years, Hugo Lloris has been able to enrich his record by becoming 2018 world champion, in Russia, then by winning the League of Nations, last October against Spain (1-2). On November 17, 2010, the current captain of the Blues and Spurs had the honor of wearing the armband of the French selection on his arm for the first time, on the occasion of an England-France disputed at Wembley and won by France thanks to goals from Karim Benzema and Mathieu Valbuena (1-2). « The armband was rotating at that time in the France team. I remember the exchange of flags with the English captain, Rio Ferdinand. My father had come to London. We win », he rewound in an interview with the FFF.

« Captain in a club, it’s fantastic, but in the France team, it’s even more incredible »

The armband, Lloris knows, he who inherited the role of captain in Nice among young people, in Lyon under the direction of Claude Puel on an ad hoc basis, or even with Tottenham Spurs. But according to the 35-year-old goalkeeper, the load is not the same when he is captain of the Blues. « Captain in a club, it’s fantastic but in the France team, it’s even more incredible. You represent so many things, such a story … I feel it in every game. And then, there is such enthusiasm around the team. The weight is there, that of a very great football nation « , noted the player.

Believing that a captain must first of all « be faithful to its principles. He should not invent a personality for himself. It must be a leader« , Lloris also addressed some praise to his coach, Didier Deschamps. Captain 54 times during his period as a player with the Blues, the native of Bayonne is a real leader according to his goalkeeper: »Now, I find at Didierthe soul of the leader. I can imagine seeing him as a manager how he could be as a player. We feel that with him, it’s natural. He was born like that. It inspires respect. It is important », he stressed.

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